Boating and boat accessory articles © by Jürgen Schöpf. MMSI# 338148194; ham call sign DB3TB

My boating library is intended to help others with solutions I found for our boat.
It also serves as an extended memory because after I while I may not remember any more
how and why I did things the way I did them. In case I have to trouble shoot something
it will help me to figure it out.
The file names may look a bit cryptic at first as I don't want to maintain an html page
with the content but you will be able to figure it out.
The really cryptic ones are templates or schematics or other drawings which you usually
can download from the write-up itself.

Please be aware that sometimes a write-up will mention something which isn't posted (yet).
These are usually things already build/designed and tested but I either want/have to refine
them or haven't tested them enough.

Everything is intended as information only without warranty of any kind and I assume
no liability of any kind! If you use the information it is your duty to make sure it
is functioning as intended and that it is safe and sound.

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