While we moved to Ringwood, NJ the Pinz remained at Tony Grantís place in Phoenix,AZ for a complete drivetrain overhaul. Spending all the time and money to have the body and interior restored and then drive around with the risk of having a drivetrain failure. Tony took it all apart, installed Exec II in the front and rear, replaced everything which looked worn and installed a balanced drive shaft and new seals and gaskets. All required parts were supplied by Linden Engineering in Golden, CO.

While it was still easy to access Tony also took care of the engine.... Itís good to have somebody you trust working on stuff.

The truck was ready on to be shipped to our new home in Ringwood, NJ. Only problem: to find a carrier to ship it.... Finally, after calling more then a dozen companies I finally found one. April 23, 2004 the Pinz finally parked in the garage of its new home!

Now I could see for the first time what quality job Tony did! Sure, I can only inspect the outside but he did a very nice painting job on all the parts he removed and prepared the truck perfect for the shipment. Where ever something could rub he taped some bubble rap over the body and besides the collected dirt on the trip teh truck (or better motorized tub?) looks as good as it did after painting.
Lucky those who live in PHX and can have him do work on their trucks!













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