A 25+ year truck naturally isnít free of problems even if it was built to the highest standards. This page with itís sub-pages shall show what we had to fix and how we did it.

Leaking Oil

After the first trip we recognized that the oil pan was full of oil from the gasket downwards. Naturally the first thought was that the gasket was shot but fortunately it turned out that only the nuts holding the oil pan were loose.
Unfortunately it turned out that itís leaking somewhere else too. Fuel pump or oil radiator.... The story goes on............

Fuel Gauge

The fuel gauge shows about the same ďaccuracyĒ as the speedo (100kph displayed = 55mph, LOL). With the tank full it shows barely over 1/2 and when 1/2 it shows empty. Not something I like so the problem had to be fixed.


The choke knob was bent from the beginning. While removing the driver seat I accidentially hit the knob a bit and it just fell off. Time to invest the $20 and install a brand new choke assembly. Fortunately everything is easy to access...... Take the air inlet off the carburators, open the bolts, insert new cable, tighten all screws and 1h later itís done.........

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