Restoration Cost

What / Where


1qt por15 black, 1qt por15 grey, one por15 starter kit, 1g + 20oz Metal Prep, 1qt paint remover. /


5l Wurth SKS stone guard black, 1 can Wurth electrical contact solvent spray. /


Sandblasting (underbody). /


Paint Stripper gel and 1 brushes / Home Depot


US-Paint Awlgrip, 1qt forrest green, 2qt federal yellow, 3qt primer with all the converters and reducers /

$ 575

4 split axle boots, main battery switch, 4 head gaskets / Unimog Pinzgauer Imports


Sandblasting (doors + bedsides + roll bars). /


Bedliner / Inyati


Stainless fasteners (bolts, screws, nuts, lock nuts, washers, lock washers in M5/M6/M8/M10/M12, graphite grease, grommets, seals /


Forgotten SS screws / Copper State bolts & nuts (very expensive!)


Door weather strip + glue / Space Age Paint


Drivetrain overhaul. Exec II front and rear, balanced drive shaft, new seals and gaskets and all new Rancho 9000 shocks. Parts from LinDen Engineering, work performed by Tony Grant. Both highly to recommend!!!




all prices include shipping charges and are rounded to the nearest dollar.
Cost for tools are not included as I consider them reusable.....

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