Upper Body

What’s left to do? Doors, door tops, roll bars, bed sides, windshield and bumpers. A mixture of forest green and federal yellow.... Sounds like a short list but a lot of parts to paint and bolts to assemble them again. As chemical stripping is a pain (the paint sticks far too well) all parts except the rear roll bar were sandblasted too as a lot of minor rust appeared after the parts were taken apart. All gaps which previously showed rust were filled with Epoxy paste to prevent that water can get in again.
Some of the paint prep work was actually done while the truck was at the bedliner place...... Bed sides, rear panels, rear door, front roll bar and dashboard will be bedlinered after the paint has cured for a month too.

Some parts for “burn-in” in the sun prior to receiving the bedliner ...........

more green parts......(the colors are more like in the picture below. Load speed goes over picture quality....).

 and the first green parts.....

Bedlinered parts can be seen in the bedliner section.

The inside of the cab in fresh forest green (still sticky). Everything removable was removed to be able to also paint behind it too.....

Bedsides, doors, front bumpers installed. Looks almost like a Pinz again..................
Oops, an upgrade sneaked into the restoration: a
Scott Simon brush guard.

Rear bumpers and tail light plates installed........ As nothing fits perfect it’s more time consuming then expected!

Ready to go to the drivetrain restoration! Tony Grant (see http://www.swpinzgauer.org Local Resources) will check the complete drivetrain and restore/replace whatever looks worn with parts from Dennis Williams of Linden Engineering. After he’s done with it the truck will be shipped to NJ where we hopefully have a new home soon.

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