This page describes the upgrades and modifications we made after we took possession. Feel free to copy them but don’t blame us if it doesn’t work on your truck........

24V-12V trailer light converter

As our boat trailer (and any future trailer) has a 12V light system but we want to tow it with the Pinz too the 24V signals had to be converted. As no converter was available I simply designed one myself........

2” square trailer hitch receiver

See above, no intension to tow the trailers for long distances with the Pinz...... The trailers have to remain with their 2” couplers....... Thanks to David Dunn for making one for me! He did a perfect job!

Door Locks

The Swiss Army saw no need for them but for private use I have it. Not that door locks on a canvas top truck would keep real thieves out but kids and “fast grabbers” are now locked out. Purchased from Swiss Army vehicles, they had a “just acceptable price”.

Lockable Fuel Tank Cap

Not that I would have a problem if one day somebody drains the 75l of gas, I’m afraid of “foreign objects” which may end up in the tank. Also purchased from SAV, not cheap at $39 but heck, it’s a unique vehicle and metric sizes are not that common in the US....

Wiper Blade Conversion

The European wiper blades are sold for outrageous prices in the US. Fortunately SAV has an adapter which looks identical to the original one but is made for the thinner blade axle. With a bit of re-work they even accept real standard wiper blades. The AZ heat takes toll on the blades and my experience is that first class blades last one year and cheap blades 12 months. Now I can use the cheapest Pylon 14” blades.

Pertronix Ignition PZ141

Not that I am against original but an electronic ignition is more accurate, doesn’t need regular adjustments and the sparks are supposed to be stronger...... Mil-Spec had a good deal on them........ I have to admit that I was a bit sceptical about the wonders the Pertronix was supposed to do. After running it for a while I have to admit that it helps. No gain in acceleration or top speed as others have claimed (but that may be due to a lucky adjustment of the points) but I no longer need the choke to start the truck after it was parked for a few hours.......

Guest 2607-B Charger

The best idea (thanks Lee Love!) to keep the batteries charged if the Pinz is parked for a prolonged time.


No further planned upgrades (24V/12V converter, K&N filter, hard top, CB radio, fiberglass door panels, PVIMS) will be installed at this time until some severe restoration work has been done.......



© 2002-2005, K. Juergen Schoepf